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In the process of laying tiles, there is always a need for cutting it. Once I used a glass cutter and wire cutters for this. At present, tile cutting is used for cutting tiles.

Choosing a tile cutter correctly
Tile cutters are hand and electric.

Unlike a glass cutter, in a manual tile cutter the roller is clamped with a special clamp, which moves along the guides, and its diameter is larger.

The frame of the tile cutter can be fixed to the table.

In the process of cutting, the tiles are fixed in the frame, the roller moves to the edge of the tile and makes an incision with slight pressure. Then, when you press the lever, the bottom presses against the tile, and on the top of the foot, a fault occurs along the incision line.

The frame has a ruler, the guides can be rotated for an oblique cut.

The design of manual tile cutters differ only in the size of the frame, on which the size of the tile depends, which can be cut with this plycore cutter. The length of the bed can reach 66 cm.

The electric tile cutter cuts the tile with a disc, the speed of which reaches 3000 per minute.

There are different types of discs for different tiles, a universal diamond disc is considered.

Tiles with abrasive coating (for example, with carbide chips), cut with a hand tile, when replacing the roller is cheaper than the disc.

Electric tile cutters differ in the disposition of the disc - upper and lower.

With the lower position, the disc is stationary, and the tile moves when cutting.

At the top position of the disc, the tile is fixed in the frame, and the disc with the motor moves along the guides.

Tile cutter with an upper disposition of the disk allows cutting at an angle of up to 45 °, and also produce an oblique cut.

The electric tile cutter has a cooling system, otherwise when heated the tile can crack, and water absorbs the dust generated during the cutting process.
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