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Ways to make your school dress code work
50themeДата: Среда, 2015-05-27, 1:08 PM | Сообщение # 1
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Not that school is back in session and the weather is still warm, we as girls are going to want to continue our summer wardrobe into school. The issue with that is that most schools don`t allow the short skirts, or the `daisy dukes`, let alone the tank tops and crop tops. Here are some quick fixes to transform your summer into wearable school clothes...

THE ISSUE: shorts are too short, but the only pair that go with the outfit
THE FIX: go high fashion and add some tights, leggings, or nylons underneath, not only with this jazz up your outfit but cover all the necassary length requirments

THE ISSUE: my favorite shirt shows my mid-drift..
THE FIX: well on thing you could do it layer, add a tank underneath to cover your stomach. Or if it is long enough pair it with a high waisted skirt to cover that bare area

THE ISSUE: Tank top shows bra straps and/or isnt the width it needs to be in the straps
THE FIX: add a cardigan. They`re cute and fashion forward. You can either go with a plain black or white one or add some pazazz with a bright print. If it is too war for that you could always go with the easy layering of a tee shit underneath.

THE ISSUE: i need to layer my shirts in order to make them school appropriate, but hate the feel of wearing a bunch of layers
THE FIX: take a shirt you dont wear very ofter, or one just for layering and cut it so it ends where you bra does. You wont notice it because it will just be over your bra. Weather you need a tee shirt to make a tank top acceptable or a cami to make a low cut shirt reasonable this can be an easy fix

enjoy, tell me what you think or if you have any other issues:)
ValeraДата: Понедельник, 2020-05-18, 1:59 PM | Сообщение # 2
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Форум 50Theme » Раздел » Дизайн » Ways to make your school dress code work
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